Neglecting Your Husband For Your Kids? Here’s How To Fix It

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a good reminder to shower your husband with love, even though the kids are keeping you busy. Sure, it’s easy to think your child needs most of your attention since she’s still young, but your husband is equally deserving of some tenderness. If you’ve been spending lots of time with the kids and he appears resentful and withdrawn, there’s a good chance he may be a little jealous. 

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International marriage expert Erin Smalley says a woman’s marriage should come first, above her children.

“This may sound contrary to what we believe is best for a child, but the best thing we can do for our children is to have a great marriage,” says Erin.

Here are five ways to spend more quality time with your husband, especially if he’s been feeling neglected since the kids came. 

Text: Davelle Lee, Young Parents/ Additional Reporting by Lisa Twang. Photos: Pexels