10 Ways to Deal With Primary One Separation Anxiety


10 ways to deal with your Primary One Child's Separation Anxiety

Now that the first day of school is out of the way, you can gradually start to let go of your Primary One child – or can you? Separation anxiety could be an issue for your child, who is not used to being away from her parents for long hours, and unsure of her new environment.

“The child may also be thinking: “How come everyone is okay with the new school and I am not?” said counselling psychologist Lee Kham Chuan, who goes by “Dr K. C. Lee”.

As each child may respond differently to anxiety, watch out for, unusual behaviour or uncharacteristic responses, and physical symptoms like headaches or diarrhoea, said Dr Lee.

If your little one is still fussing and fretting over starting formal schooling, and showing signs of separation anxiety, don’t fret.

Here are 10 ways to help her adapt to her new routine and environment, according to Dr Lee and The Straits Times senior education correspondent, Sandra Davie.

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