Quiz: What’s Your Toddler’s Personality Type?


It’s tempting to “blame the parents” whenever you see a child misbehaving. But often, it’s not that simple. Even children who experienced the same parenting style might turn out differently. That’s because every kid has a unique natural temperament and personality.

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Your child’s temperament and personality, according to psychologists, is made up of five main components:

1. Activity level
His pace and vigour may be quick and energetic, or relaxed and sluggish, content to respond at his own steady pace.

2. Irritability
Some children cope with everyday experiences without becoming rattled or upset, while others are easily irritated when things don’t go their way.

3. Soothability
This refers to the ease at which Junior calms down after he is upset, and it varies greatly from child to child.

4. Fearfulness
Stimulation can make your young one feel excited, but also cause him to become fearful.

5. Sociability
A sociable child’s engaging manner is much more inviting than the withdrawn behaviour of a shy one.

These traits combine in various ways to form one of the following temperament profiles: See which one matches your toddler!