This Is Why Tay Kewei Is Keeping Her Baby’s Name A Secret


This Is Why Tay Kewei Is Keeping Her Baby's Name A Secret

Tay Kewei is one busy woman. She performs at concerts, has songs on the radio, and has a  Web reality video series, Married, And Then?, on YouTube.But did you know that the moment she stops work, she rushes home to breastfeed her three-month-old baby?

“Both his grandmothers are always around the house and they are so obsessed with him. If I weren’t breastfeeding him, I don’t think I’d get to touch him. So when it’s breastfeeding time, it’s my time with him,” quips the 34-year-old.

Tay Kewei’s musings on motherhood, which she documents on her various social-media accounts, might give the impression that she has nailed this new role effortlessly, but that hasn’t always been the case. Read on for more about her parenting journey with baby #ShenMo, whose name is still a secret.

Text: Lynn Wee, Young Parents, Photos: Instagram 

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