This picture is enough to make someone shed a tear. Shared by makeup artist Brittany Nelson of Extraordinary Life Makeup Artistry, who witnessed the aftermath of what she assumed to be destruction of eye shadow pans in a Sephora located in Georgia, USA. 

The total damage was estimated to be around $1,400 (each eye shadow pan costs $27 in Singapore), and sparked a parenting debate on the Facebook post and social media.

Some of the responses on social media have been polarizing, with people suggesting that young children be left at home while mothers shopped at Sephora. 

Although we haven’t had such incidences occur in Singapore yet, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience shopping at beauty stores is everyone’s responsibility. How many times have you used a tester that was nasty, and is obviously the work of a perfectly functioning adult instead of a child?

The root of the problem lies in respect for other’s property, whether you are a child or an adult. Teaching this should begin at a young age, and arguably the best when you are setting a good example for your child. 

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