Quick Ways To Squeeze In A Bit Of “Couple Time” Before Going To Work

Mornings can be a really busy affair for most of us. In between waking up the kids, sending them to school and getting dressed yourself, it can be hard to find time to connect with your spouse apart from the quick kiss on the cheek. But once in a while, why not slow things down and linger a little longer between the sheets? 

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5 Ways To Sneak In Some Exercise At The Office


It’s already been scientifically proven that having sex releases oxytocin—those feel-good hormones that adds a spring to your step and also increases productivity. If you’re wondering when you’ll have the time to squeeze in some hot sex, pre-work quickies is your answer.

Here are some quickie positions to try before you get out the door—10 minutes per session is all you need (time is of the essence here!). And let’s just say if you can make time for meditation, you can make time for literally “seven minutes in heaven”. Who knows, your boss might thank us for this.