QUIZ: Snowskin, Baked With Double Yolk Or Fruit-Infused… Which Mooncake Are You?

Fruity snowskin, baked with two yolks, or just plain lotus seed – find out which mooncake suits your personality this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Before you dig into another bite of this sweet treat, did you know that there’s a legendary backstory to them?

Legend has it that the mooncake came to be when China was looking for a way to get rid of their Mongolian rulers during the Yuan dynasty. They ordered every civilian to baked mooncakes so they could hide their battle plans inside these sweet treats and spread their plans to overthrow the foreigners.


How Many Calories Are In Your Favourite Mooncakes?


The Mongolians ignored these baked goods because they thought them inferior and never anticipated an attack on their rule. They were chased out of the country and China was free again.

To commemorate their victory, Chinese people bake mooncakes and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, a tradition that has given us the delectable treats of today.

Regardless of what you think about this legend, we believe that all mooncakes can reveal a little bit of your personality. Take our quiz, which is not at all backed up by science, to find out what mooncake you should truly reach for and dig into this holiday:

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