Mouse toy on a laptop keypad
Banning hand held devices is denying a child the chance to blend with the current age. So how can parents manage it?

Your Actions and Habits Affect Your Child
“When he grows up seeing you disengaged from other adults
and constantly online on a portable device he is more likely to steer away from meaningful face-to-face interactions as well. So spend time with your child and help him form friendships with his peers and to communicate more openly.”

Show It Through Your Actions
“For example, during dinner tine, the main purpose is to eat, learn valuable social skills and good table manners. So keep your mobile phones away from the dining table or room. Also, why not pick up a hobby? When your child sees you enjoying an activity, he’ll realise there’s a realm of possibilities beyond the gadget in his hands. Walk the dog or go scoot in the park together.”

Communication Above All Else
“Interact with your child daily and be totally present in the moment, whether you’re doing an activity together or engaged in a conversation together. If your job requires you to have your phone with you all the time, make sure your partner puts his mobile device out of sight for a while.”

Set Limits
“Allow your child limited time with any device (about two hours a day) in short spurts, so they do not become overstimulated.”

Photo: Pixabay