More Singaporeans Prefer Their Kids To Date Chinese And Caucasians, Says Survey

While interracial marriages are getting more common in Singapore, race continues to be an issue when it comes to parents and their childrens’ partners.

When it comes to dating outside their own ethnic groups, Malay and Indian Singaporeans prefer their children and grandchildren to go out with Chinese and Caucasians, according to results of a study on ethnicity released on Wednesday (Nov 8).

However, among the Chinese, more were comfortable about dating Caucasians than Malays and Indians. The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)-Channel NewsAsia study polled 2,020 people who were recruited through geographical random sampling to ensure a proportionate representation of people across all races and age groups.

For inter-cultural romance, Chinese and Caucasian dating partners ranked high on the list. For instance, 91.2 per cent of Malays in the 26 to 35 age group were comfortable about their offspring dating Chinese, compared with 85.7 per cent for dating Caucasians and 81.3 per cent for dating Indians.

Among Indians in the same age category, 89.3 per cent of them were comfortable about their offspring dating Chinese, compared with 87.5 per cent for Caucasians and 75.4 per cent for Malays. For the Chinese in the 26 to 35 age group, 64.6 per cent were comfortable about their offspring dating Malays, compared with 56.5 per cent for Indians and 74.5 per cent for Caucasians.

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