Liu Sha everything is heating up food trends like crazy locally and all over Southeast Asia now. It might just be a fad, but there’s something about the decadence of the runny salted egg yolk sauce oozing out of (practically) anything nowadays – from croissants to cakes and breads – that is undeniably irresistible. Just ask any foodie around you.

We admit we’re caught up in the hype too, so we’ve been ogling some of these foodies’ Instagram feeds featuring some of the best drool-worthy pics and videos – and we’ve noted them down in our “to try” food diary. Will you too?

This just looks amazing. We wonder how the different flavours of the charcoal waffles and vanilla ice-cream come together with the salted egg yolk sauce… we’ll have to check this one out at Fatcat Ice Cream Bar for sure!

Photo: @sgwanderlust

This video convinced us to go check out Asanoya Bakery’s Salted Egg Yolk Choux. We tried one… and then we wanted to get a few more, but it was SOLD OUT for the day! Yes, it’s that popular, so go early if you want some.

Video: @julietung21

Oooh… this one oozes out of a chocolate cake, one of our most adored desserts ever. Thank you food Instagrammer @explodingbelly for bringing Five & Dime Eatery’s Golden Custard Lava Cake to our attention, this heavenly treat is next on our list!

Photo: @explodingbelly

This cake found at Dapper Coffee may not have the mesmerising oozing effect, but is no less “Insta-pretty” judging from the photo. Also, how does black sesame go with salted egg yolk? Guess we’ll have to find out by trying!

Photo: @shu55min

Probably the one thing which started it all. The salted egg yolk and croissant combi became so popular that many bakeries and cafes have jumped on the bandwagon – Asanoya Bakery serves up really nice ones and you can also get it at BreadTalk. But we highly recommend going for one of the best: Antoinette; just watch local food blogger @danielfooddiary’s (he’s an expert in salted egg yolk croissants, having blogged about the different ones here when the trend exploded) video, and we are sure you’ll agree.

Video: @danielfooddiary