Satisfy Your Pasta Craving With Top-Notch Dishes At These Singapore Restaurants

Pasta is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Fulfilling, kid-friendly and oh-so-tasty, it’s a meal-time staple that, when cooked right, can make you sing with joy.

The best part about pasta is how broad and versatile it can be. It can be homey or gourmet. It can be healthy or super indulgent. The shapes and sizes are endless — ranging from bowties to penne to noodles and gnocchi — and dressing your pasta is limited only by one’s own creativity, so there’s simply no reason not to love it. In fact, we’ve got a host of handy recipes for you, from Chicken And Prosciutto Pasta to Salmon Pasta.

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In honour of World Pasta Day on Oct 25, here are 13 spots (in no particular order) you can indulge in this heavenly carb to your heart’s content. And no, we’re not just talking about Italian options: