10 Powerful Tools to Help Get Rid of your Phone Addiction

 TikTok, Instagram, Facebook – we’re all guilty of binging on social media, and I’m no exception. 

I’ll admit it, my phone addiction became a real eye-opener when Apple started sending me those pesky screen time reports (which I never asked for, by the way). Seven hours a day? No way. 

I tried all sorts of app blockers and time-restricting apps, but they just got on my nerves, so I ditched them. 

That’s when I realised I needed some tangible, real-life solutions to help me kick my phone habit.

With that, I’ll be sharing some of the cool, life-changing products (don’t worry, no secrets here) that helped me rely less on my phone, along with some other nifty options I found online that might work wonders for you. 

If they helped me break free from the digital grasp, they’re sure to help you as well. 

Last updated on 20 March 2023. Prices and promotions for products listed in this article are subject to change without prior notice.

Mindsight Timed Lock Box, $70.40 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Out of sight, out of mind right? What’s unique about this time lock-box is that there are three different commitment modes you can choose from — Lockbox only, Standard Mode and Fortress Mode.

The Lockbox Only is ideal for situations where you want to create a no-phone zone. 

For example, when you’re having a meal with your family and just want to be present in the moment. It doesn’t require a timer, so you can unlock it once you are done with your meal. 

The Standard Mode requires you to set a duration, but you can unlock it during countdown with a code. 

The Fortress Mode, on the other hand, is meant to really keep your phone away. In this mode, the box will not unlock until the countdown time is up.

Mindsight Timed Lock Box

Habit Control Combination Clear Lock Box, $50.10 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

More than just a box to keep your phone at bay, this transparent lock box also has ample room to basically store anything else. 

Think the TV remote or game consoles from the kids, medicine from the toddlers, or cigarettes if you’re trying to cut down.

Simply ask a family member or partner to set a password combination without telling you, and have them unlock the box for you once you’re ready to get your phone back.

Habit Control Combination Clear Lock Box

Portable Lock Up Mobile Phone Jail Cell, $11.88 at Shopee

Credit: Shopee

If you want something more dramatic, here’s an actual jail for your phone. It serves the same purpose as the boxes mentioned above, but instead of a password combination, it’s a simple lock and key to keep your device out of reach.

Are your friends on their phones too much while you’re hanging out? Bring this to your next gathering if you want to be hated on. With slots to accommodate up to six phones, you’ll be able to enjoy a distraction-free gathering.

Portable Lock Up Mobile Phone Jail Cell
$11.88 $21.82 46% off

Cell Phone Lock Box with Timer, $41.95 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

If you just want to specifically target your phone obsession, this cell phone lock box will do the trick. 

Not only does it also have a timer, it’s much sleeker and takes up less space compared to the other chunkier box versions. 

But don’t worry, it’s large enough to fit most Androids and iPhones, up to iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

A nifty feature about this is that there is a cut-out so you can answer urgent calls. You can also charge your phone while it’s locked up. 

Cell Phone Lock Box with Timer
$41.95 $44.52 5% off

3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock, $38 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

A wireless charger has been one of my must-haves to curb my phone addiction. The lack of a wire makes it extremely difficult to use my phone while charging, especially when my phone’s battery is close to being flat. 

I would just have no choice but to let it fully charge before I can use it again, which is another good 1.5 to 2 hours of being phone-free. 

The great thing about this is that you can charge three devices at once, such as your phone, Apple Watch and Airpods. It’s also compatible with Android devices that support wireless charging. 

3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock
$38 $56.88 33% off

SIMBOOM Bedside Organiser, $29.22 at Amazon

Credit: Amazon

If you’ve still got some degree of self-control and don’t really need such an extreme solution to cut down on screen time, this bedside organiser might help to give you that little nudge in the right direction.

Simply slot your phone into the organiser, along with your other bedside essentials to force yourself to reduce screen time before bed. 

It’s a multi-purpose storage caddy that can store your spectacles, tissue, iPad, journal, magazines and even fit a regular water bottle — an extremely space-saving solution without having to get a nightstand.

With its anti-slip and adjustable velcro sides, you can easily attach it anywhere you want, be it beside your bed or on your desk for added storage space.

SIMBOOM Bedside Organiser

Wall-Mounted Storage Rack, $2.88 at Shopee

Credit: Shopee

Who knew this cheap thing would do wonders for my phone addiction? 

I bought this in order to leave my phone far away from my desk and bed. 

I stuck this plastic rack next to a wall charging port, and just left my phone inside to charge. 

This storage rack was such a simple and cheap but effective solution that worked wonders for me. The fact that it comes in many colours is also a plus.

Wall-Mounted Storage Rack
$2.88 $10.93 74% off

3-Grid Stationery Organizer, $3.86 at Lazada

Credit: Lazada

Once you have a dedicated place to store your phone, the chances of you whipping it out decrease, especially if it’s far away. 

By that logic, you can place your storage organiser on your desk, preferably far from your bed. So when it’s time for bedtime, it’s also bedtime for your phone.

3-Grid Stationery Organiser
$3.86 $7.43 48% off

Automatic Step Tracker, $9.35 at Shopee

Credit: Shopee

Out of all products, this has got to be my favourite. 

And because you’ve lingered here long enough to come to the last listing, I’m going to show you my best kept secret. 

Not only does this device keep your phone away from your hands, you can easily earn up to 5,000 steps per hour. The shaker imitates movement during walking so your phone registers the steps, which is perfect for Pokemon hunters and fans of a certain health app (you go gurl, redeem those sweet, sweet supermarket vouchers). 

Automatic Step Tracker

Anti-Gravity Phone Clear Slim Cover, $10 at Shopee

Need help getting rid of your prolonged screen time? Here are 10 products to help you curb your phone addiction.
Credit: Shopee

For something much more minimalist and less of a commitment, this anti-gravity case might do the trick. Available for both iPhone and Android phones, this special phone case can stick securely onto many smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors, cabinets, metals, dashboards and more.

Find yourself mindlessly scrolling Tiktok? Simply stick it onto your vanity mirror and jump back into bed for a good night’s rest. Problem solved.

Anti-Gravity Phone Clear Slim Cover

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