4 Travel Habits That Will Save You Money

You don't have to live on the cheap when you travel, simply make these nifty habits a part of your journey and the savings will add up

Traveling can cost you a fortune, but the experiences you receive are more often than not invaluable. Yet, being cost-conscious is important so that you don’t spend unnecessarily. These travel habits help you get more out of your trip while saving you money, so you can think about incorporating them into your next trip:

4 Travel Habits to Save You Money

1. Zoom in on places of interest that actually interest you

Sometimes, it’s not the destination that makes things expensive for you when you travel. It’s the attitude that you need to see and do a million things in order to get the most “value” out of your trip.

Imagine if you tried to cram all of Singapore’s tourist attractions into as short a space as possible. You might decide to visit the zoo and the Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest all in one day, followed by a cocktail at CÉ LA VI. That alone would set you back $80.

Perhaps you’ve never really cared about seeing the wax figures at Madame Tussauds, and ferris wheels like the London Eye strike you as a waste of money. Give those tourist attractions a miss and you’ve instantly saved 50 pounds, or over 100 SGD. Instead, visit places you’re truly interested in.

4 Travel Habits to Save You Money (2)
2. Visit local grocers or make your own meals

One reason people spend so much when they travel is the fact that they eat out at every single meal, usually in restaurants. As much as you might love pad thai / Korean barbecue / fish and chips / dim sum, try eating it twice a day every day for a week and you’ll soon be wishing you were back home.

Even if you’re a huge foodie and your sole reason (other than shopping, that is) for going on holiday is to eat, try to exercise some restraint and visit a local market or supermarket and prepare some meals on your own.

That doesn’t mean you need to eat the same old stuff you eat at home, either. You’ll be able to find some local specialties you never might have discovered otherwise, whether it’s taramasalata in Greece, paté in France or oven-dried tomatoes in Italy.