6 Surprising Clues You’re Emotionally Cheating On Your Relationship When You Go Shopping

Seems how you spend your money can gives clues about your marriage and sex life. What’s your spending saying?

13448686-girl-trying-dress-in-looking-in-mirror-cheerful-and-happy-cute-beautiful-mixed-race-asian-caucasian-Stock-Photo“What… me? Financially cheating on my husband?”

Many of us are guilty of financial infidelity without being aware of it. Divulging less than the whole truth about the price of that stylish dress you splurged on, or neglecting to be up-front about late-payment penalties you’ve racked up may seem like small cover-ups. You may think that what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Many women want to make a beeline around potential conflict.

Well, think again. Even the smallest white lies can easily snowball into serious financial mistrust in a marriage. Worse still, the consequences of your stealthy behaviour can do heavy damage to your joint savings, investments and even your retirement plans – not to mention the relationship itself.

Sift through your various behavioural patterns. Think about whether you are guilty of financially cheating on your spouse. Since you can put the brakes on this type of infidelity by being conscious of your less-than-stellar behaviour, check through those patterns and think twice before you utter any of these lies again:

Text: Anna V. Haotanto/The New Savvy / Photos: 123rf.com, Pixabay

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