How Many Of These Everyday Products Cost More for Women?

Are you paying more for everyday goods in Singapore? In late 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) published a seminal study that showed a clear difference in the prices of everyday goods made for men and women. It surveyed nearly 800 products with distinct male and female versions across over 90 brands sold at over 20 retailers.

How Many Of These Everyday Products Cost More for Women?

By deriving average prices across a sampling of men’s and women’s products, then comparing the two, the DCA concluded that women pay 7 per cent more than men for products that were essentially the same.

The study found that women pay more than men for toys and accessories (8 per cent), children’s clothing (4 per cent), adult clothing (8 per cent), personal care products (13 per cent), and senior/home health care products (8 per cent).

Unfortunately, a similar study for Singapore/Asia doesn’t seem to exist (as far as we know), but we wanted to see how much of the DCA’s study applies here, and whether gender pricing is a worldwide phenomenon.


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Here, we shortlist some of the offending products mentioned in the study, per real-life examples we found. We also note the DCA’s estimates of how much more women pay for these everyday items: