5 Surprising Ways To Save Money By Wasting Less Food

For a country that prides ourselves on food, it’s a shame that we waste so much of it.  In 2015, it was estimated that Singapore generated over 790,000 tonnes of food waste. If you’re trying to visualise what that looks like, just think about throwing away two full bowls of rice every day.

To say that is a waste is a vast understatement. To be fair, consumer waste does not account for the entirety of that staggering statistic. (For example, merchandisers reject ‘ugly food’ – bruised fruit, or carrots that do not fall within the accepted ‘shape’.)

However, if you consider that about half of what we harvest never makes it to the supermarket shelf, then what does end up on the dinner table becomes even more precious. It’s a wonder that we’re still able to have affordable, healthy and ‘beautiful’ food at every meal!

At the household level, you can help further stem the tide by following these practices. Not only will you be helping to solve a global problem, you will also benefit from the savings you will reap.

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