Applying for scholarships — be it for Singapore or overseas universities — can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Plus, with so many options available from both the private and public sectors, there’s a lot of research to be done before you and your children can reach a decision. To help scholarship seekers make an informed choice, The Straits Times Scholars Choice 2020 has started an online platform that hosts a comprehensive online repository of scholarships.

Scholarships In Singapore

The online platform for Scholars’ Choice 2020 lists more than 50 scholarships that are available from organisations such as Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Guides And Tips For Scholarship Application

There are also other resources available on the platform, such as helpful guides, tips, and relevant news stories. The website also has articles featuring former scholars and representative from selected scholarship boards, as well as a video series that sheds light on the different scholarship processes and provide some insights into the organisations that award these scholarships.

Your child will also have the opportunity to get in touch with representativea from participating scholarship boards through the platform’s direct messaging feature.

Explore Scholars’ Choice 2020 website here.