Sex After Kids Is Important. Here’s How It Can Be Even Better

“There’s no time for sex!” That’s a common complaint of new parents. With baby’s feeding times, sleep schedules, diaper changes, check ups and more to focus on, there are so many other things taking up your time and energy. Priorities change. In fact,some new parents even feel guilty thinking about reviving their sex life.

Going the sexless route is not a good option, insists Dr Greg Smalley, Vice President of Focus On The family who has also authored 17 books on relationships. “Certainly, caring for a new baby is exhausting work and it make sense that you wouldn’t feel like having sex. However, the goal in this season of life has to include keeping your marriage strong, as well,” he says.

He says that couples should view sex as a means of investing in their relationship. And it has health benefits as well, especially for women at that juncture of their lives.

“Sex releases endorphins and hormones that are wonderful for your body – it has an amazing way of re-energising you. Since a woman needs to feel connected, sex also brings intimacy into the relationship with your husband,” he advises.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your sex life alive post baby: