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Experts say a woman’s sex drive is far more complex to fix than a man’s.

You’re depressed, menopausal, maybe your hormones are unbalanced, or perhaps your relationship has hit a rocky patch. There are so many reasons a woman’s libido can disappear. Maybe it will require some investigation, and the right help can help improve desire dramatically. But first, read what are the common killers of a woman’s sex drive, and hopefully you’ll find the solutions you need right here.

Reluctance To Undress
You think sex only happens if you’re “in the mood”. Desire is driven by the brain, wheres arousal is a genital-based response. But even if you don’t feel like it, desire can kick in once you’re aroused. So, try getting into bed, getting naked, have a kiss and cuddle, and see what happens.

Stress, Grief and Young Kids
Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations of where we’re at in life, and if your goal is to be having sex as often as you did in your 20s, you’re setting yourself up for failure! Younger women don’t have as much to think about and worry about as much as when they’re older, which is why it’s crucial to keep tabs on your emotions too.

The side effects that antidepressants can have on your libido is far more common than experts initially thought. More than 50 per cent taking them may experience low desire, a lack of lubricant, difficulty maintaining arousal, or unable to climax.

Menopause-related Issues
A fall in oestrogen due to menopause can cause hot flushes, night sweats and sleep deprivation – so obviously if you’re tired and irritable your libido won’t hold out. Women can also experience vaginal thinness and dryness, which can cause painful intercourse, and that becomes a major deterrence factor. You gynaecologist will be able to suggest some pain-free, inexpensive way to resolve these issues.

Text: Good Health, Bauer Syndication/Additional Reporting: Sylvia Ong
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