Money is one of the largest reasons of marital conflict. Yet, for many couples, discussing money might seem like a taboo or contentious topic that they’d rather avoid altogether. So before you say “I do”, take time as a couple to discuss money expectations and learn how to manage your finances as a team to avoid any potential misunderstandings and disputes in future.

If you’re recently engaged, here are 6 wise money tips to know for a long, successful marriage:

6 money tips all couples must know main image
It’s important to talk about money, especially when you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. (Photo: Pixabay)
6 money tips all couples must know
Engagement rings are a declaration of love, and should be insured properly. (Photo: Stocksnap)

1. Apply for engagement ring insurance

It’s important to recognise that your new engagement ring is an asset and should be insured as such. The average ring costs over $5,500 so it’s important that it be included in your insurance. While you might have to pay for the appraisal, it’s an important step in recognising the value of this symbol of love.

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Don’t let your wedding day be marred by money problems. (Photo: Pexels)

2. Plan a savings scheme for the big day (and beyond)

If you haven’t already set up an investment vehicle to save for your upcoming wedding, it can be a good idea to start as soon as possible. You should also consider how you’ll continue to save to meet your other financial goals, such as retirement or future children. If you already have a savings plan in place, consider allocating a portion of it or simply increasing your savings to cover your wedding expenses.

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Let your entire relationship be founded on trust and open communication. (Photo: Pexels)

3. Be open and honest with each other

You’ve agreed to tie the knot, now is certainly not the time to be dishonest with your significant other about your personal finances. Lies about money can tear apart most relationships and cause conflicts in future, so it’s important to be open and honest from the start. Discuss your income, savings, any debts that you may have and any assets that you may have built up.

It’s also important that you don’t attempt to demand complete transparency from your partner, but simply be open and honest about your own finances. They will quickly recognise the effort that you’re putting in, and in time (if not immediately) will start to open up about their own finances.

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Always be clear of where you stand and even what your fears are when it comes to money. (Photo: Stocksnap)

4. Lay out your personal views on money

For many households, money can be a taboo subject and is rarely discussed. It’s important that you quickly escape this mindset and start discussing finances with your significant other. Discuss how you’ll share expenses, how you’ll save, what your joint and individual financial goals are, who’ll take care of the bills, how you’ll track your progress etc. It can be a worthwhile idea to bring in an Adviser for this discussion to start setting some framework around the discussion, particularly if it’s not a process that you’re familiar with.

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It’s important to compromise and be more accomodating to each other – you’re now sharing a life together! (Photo: Stocksnap)

5. Discuss merging your assets

When it comes to joint finances, many people have different views. And with the exception of ensuring that you are open and honest with your partner, there is no one-size fits all approach. For many people, the decision of whether or not to merge their personal finances depends on what their parents have done before. Therefore, many can make the mistake of assuming that their partner feels exactly the same way they do about their household’s finances.

It’s important to first discuss whether you’ll merge your current finances or decide to keep some separate. If you do decide to merge your assets and save into joint accounts, it can be a worthwhile strategy to set a small amount aside on a regular basis into your own individual account. This allows you to make small purchases that you can decide on independently.

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Help each other out, because you’re now working as a team. (Photo: Stocksnap)

6. Review each other’s credit scores

It’s a good idea to review each others current credit scores as if/when you start applying for loans together, this will impact each of your credit scores. If your fiancé’s credit score is less than ideal, start to formulate a plan for how to improve it and ensure that it doesn’t impact you negatively.

As you’re planning for your special day together, be sure to take the time to plan your financial future together also. Be open, honest and discuss your finances regularly to set the foundations for a long and happy life together.

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Text: Jarrad Brown/Additional Reporting: Elizabeth Liew

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