Chloe Grace Moretz2

From The Amityville Horror with Ryan Reynolds to Charlize Theron in Dark Places, Chloe Grace Moretz has worked with some of Hollywood’s legendary stars. She probably has no shortage of friends, especially the famous kind. But there’s one major star she’s certainly in no hurry to call a “friend”, and that’s Taylor Swift.

In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the former child actress revealed that she had been invited into Taylor’s infamous girl squad, to which she responded with a simple “Yes”. But she hasn’t accepted the invite, and doesn’t seem to be disappointed by the decision either.

Apparently, Chloe is very vocal when it comes to talking about cliques, as she initially responded a related question with a more general shunning of the concept of squads and how she would rather just have a few close friends as opposed to an entire posse. It wasn’t long before she was led into the Taylor Swift Squad query, and she chose to elaborate her decline of invite with a tactfully worded “She’s a very talented person”.

She tried being quite tight-lipped and professionally diplomatic with her responses, but we sense there’s a bad blood backstory to this.

It’s commendable that Chloe is comfortable with her friendship goals. And to show how important it is to have a few good friends in your life, we list 10 ways how you can maintain your relationship with your pals without hurting them:

  1. Always be there
  2. Be kind and listen
  3. Have the courage to be honest and be equally vulnerable
  4. Guide each other in times of need
  5. Be a good listener
  6. Loyalty and forgiveness go a long way
  7. Try to improve their life
  8. Share their joys and sorrows
  9. Help them grow to be a better person
  10. Accept them as they are, as an individual, without conditions