SINGAPORE – Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim is now engaged. The 35-year-old posted several photos to her Instagram account on Monday night (Nov 15), which showed a man proposing to her in front of an elaborate set-up with balloons and “Marry Me” spelt out in huge block letters.

The photos and post did not reveal the face or name of her mystery fiance. Lim captioned the photo with an emoji of two hearts and a diamond ring. In an interview with The Straits Times, Lim shared that her fiance is a 35-year-old Singaporean who works in corporate branding.

They met through friends at the beginning of the year. “Our mutual friends were very excited that we were both single at the same time,” the actress says.

She gave more details about the big proposal,  which took place last Friday (Nov 12) in a friend’s art gallery.
“I did not register immediately that it was a proposal – I thought it was an art installation at first,” Lim recalls. She adds that though she did not know the proposal was happening, she had her suspicions because her fiance is “not a very good actor”.

“Usually we dress very casually when we go out for dinner, I’ll have only very light makeup or no makeup at all. But the night before he told me to please wear something nice. So I immediately called my sister and told her he asked me to dress up and if she thinks he might propose tomorrow.”

“But I thought it was not possible because he had not asked my parents for my hand in marriage yet and my sister was like, ‘Yeah we’ll definitely tell you when it’s happening.’”

In truth, both their families had known about the proposal and had been keeping it a secret from Lim for two weeks.

The most attractive trait of her husband-to-be is that he puts family first, just like her. “He gets along perfectly well with my family and our families love each other. That’s something I’ve always wanted in a relationship.”

Asked if dating for less than a year before getting engaged is taking things too fast, Lim replies: “When you know, then you know, It felt just right. I guess we are both in a stage of our lives where we approach the relationship with utmost honesty and no pretence.”

Lim, who says she is “excited to be a wife”, wants to hold her wedding next year and says she will definitely reveal more details about her beau over time.  “I really want to share everything with everyone but I’m still slowly introducing him and his family to the world that I’m in.”

Her celebrity friends, including Zoe Tay, Sharon Au, Zheng Geping and JJ Lin, sent their congratulations to her.

Text: Jan Lee/ The Straits Times