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2022 is The Year of the Water Tiger, and that’s hot news for love and sex. Tigers love adventure and trying new things, and are very passionate. They exude sex appeal, too,  according to the Chinese Zodiac system.  

The energetic Tiger loves novel experiences and is always ready to try new tricks. He or she dislikes constraints, and can get bored easily. That means you’ll have get to inventive because what the Tiger wants in bed is passion.

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If you follow Chinese Horoscopes seriously, you’ll want to know personalised details about your horoscope sign in 2022 as well as feng shui advice, but we can’t pretend this guide is 100 per cent reliable.

But if you can buy clothes based on your lucky colours, why not let the star into your sex life as well? It’s just a fun place to start.

Click through to find out the best sex positions to try based on your Chinese zodiac:



2022 is a year of consolidation for Rats — but only if you learn how to work (and play) nice with others. So when it comes to sex, throttle back on your legendary stubbornness and remember that making love is a journey, not a competition to see who comes first or who’s right about the best sex moves. Why not try it their way for once?

Always charming, quick-witted and energetic, this year, you’ll turn plenty of heads — so get out and socialise if you want to meet someone new. If you want to turn a fleeting encounter into something special, you still need to put in effort when it comes to your appearance and attitude. After all, Rats can be a little bit too outspoken sometimes.

If you’re already settled into a special relationship, make an effort to spend time together. Rats treat flirting as a sport, but remember to show your partner how much you care about them. Show them how much you care about them – and don’t be afraid to turn to them when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. 

This is your year to pay attention to your health,. Make sure you get enough exercise to control your mood and keep you feeling energetic. You’re prone to over-thinking your worries this year, this makes you prone to dehydration, exhaustion and emotional conflict if you’re not in the right frame of mind. So try a walk outside to connect with your special someone instead of heading to a wine bar, as nature puts you in a relaxed mood this year.

Eco Orgasm


If you’re no fan of alfresco love (which is illegal in Singapore, anyway) you can just do this move on the bed and face out the window to look at the trees.

But if you are overseas on holiday and in the woods, you can go eco-sexy (make sure it’s not illegal in that country either). He lies on the ground (on grass or soft sand, obviously), you face away from him, move your clothes to the side, and sit down on his erection. He can lie down and gaze at the sky, or prop his head up on a tree and enjoy the view of your rear in action.



You’re flying through the air, powered by super thrusts of sex energy! (We just had to get that out.) Anyway, you bend over a desk or table, and he enters you from behind. Once inside you, he lifts your hips up slowly until your feet are off the ground.

He holds you as he moves in and out. You’ll probably slide all over the table and he needs gym-toned legs to pull this move off — but all that can make for an adrenaline rush. Just keep enough of your body on the table so you don’t fall off if he pulls out too much.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Rats

Rats can be over-anxious, so they love the determined and trustworthy Ox. Rats enjoy the flamboyance of the Dragon, and can manage their more over-the-top moves with a witty joke.

Monkeys and Rats are both quick-witted and curious — when they’re in bed, there’s nothing they won’t try, from sex toys to complicated sex positions that take IKEA-level instructions to figure out which bit goes where.

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Honest, trustworthy and determined, Oxen are the quiet achievers of the Chinese horoscope system. If you are an Ox, you don’t need to be the center of attention. And you don’t waste time trying to sell yourself with empty words — you prefer to gain recognition through actual hard work. You think logically, make a great leader, and put your heart into everything you do. No wonder people who know the real you, really admire you.

If you’re an Ox, you rarely lose your temper, but when you do, it’s legendary! Your determination and caring nature are great, but don’t try to rescue everyone. You don’t have to fix the world — sometimes it’s enough to be you, and in the moment. And that’s especially true in bed.

This being said, your quiet confidence can tip over into arrogance — you know what you like and this means it’s your way or the highway, at times. This year, why not let your lover lead in bed now and then? You don’t have to do the heavy lifting all the time.

Standing Doggy Style


Flip the script on regular doggy style — he kneels on the edge of the bed and you bend over so he can enter you from behind.

You can’t touch each other as much as you could have with the regular doggy position, but if you keep your legs close together you can increase the friction (this also makes him feel bigger). Alternatively, brace your arms against a wall or table so you can push back to increase or decrease the depth of his thrusts.



Oxen can totally see the appeal in familiar moves, so this is a nice mix of the familiar and the unexpected. (And you don’t have to be crazy yoga-flexible to do it.)

Lie on your side and lift your upper leg so you’re making an L-shape with your body. Your man gets on his knees and straddles your lower leg.

He can touch you all over, and this new angle gives you a new way of feeling each other. As a bonus, you can reach down and touch yourself, or press your clitoris against his thigh or pelvic bone for more stimulation.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Ox

Rats and Oxen hold the same goals in life and enjoy the contrasts in their personalities. Warm and romantic Snakes help Oxen relax and enjoy life. Oxen also get on well with soft and loving Roosters.

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Protective, brave and imaginative, Tigers in the Chinese Horoscope system are seen as benevolent protectors. And because they’re emotional and imaginative, Tigers are often great musicians, singers or artists.

Because Tigers are adventurous and energetic, they can be exciting lovers, although they can be hard to control at times—when they want something they leap right at it. And if it’s a bit risky? Even better. They just want to try it more. They’re among the first to try a new sex toy or a new sex position.

Male Tigers aren’t afraid of expressing themselves and they can be aggressive in work—and a little over-confident in love. To really connect in bed, Tigers need to open up and reveal their vulnerabilities. Tigers need love and loyalty to really flourish in life.

Female Tigers are born social media influencers: stylish, daring and expressive, they make any fashion trend their own. If you’re a female Tiger you can be as cute and cuddly as a kitten — but you keep your claws sharp. You’re open to new suggestions, in and out of bed, but you don’t let anyone push you around too much.

Standing Shower Sex


Wet floors = risky. And that’s just how Tigers like it. Just remember you need a lot of lube as water washes away your own natural lubrication (ironic, right?).

For easier access, it helps to prop your foot up on the edge of the bathtub or a non-slip stool. Then when he starts thrusting, hold onto towel racks, shower doors — or whatever’s around.

But it not be the best idea to just support yourself using the slippery walls because his penis might not be the only thing that’s slipping.

Sexy Starfish


This positions not for everyone because the penetration goes really deep. But it’s imaginative, for sure. He kneels and you put your legs on his shoulders. Once he’s inside, he lies down slowly until you’re almost folded in half. He can also reach around your back and pull you tighter against him.

It’s not a great move if you’ve just eaten… but if you want “ravage me Tiger” intimacy, this’ll do it.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Tigers

Tigers and Pigs are a mutual appreciation society. Although their personalities are very different, they’re both willing to do what it takes to make their relationship work.

Sexy Horses attract a Tiger’s attention and they respect and support each other’s endless energy. Tigers tend to be hard on themselves (and others) but honest Dogs bring out their caring and gentle side — they’ll fight for this love.

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Rabbits are kind and thoughtful — and your sometimes dreamy personality hides a quiet confidence and strength. You know you are moving towards your goals, rising above any negativity around you.

Rabbits are great team players: you notice the details other people would have missed, and you socialise well. But you can find it hard to open up or confront others. At times, you find it easier to escape into dreams or hobbies like graphic design, interior decor, gardening or drawing — basically, anything that allows you to be beautifully creative in a solo way.

Rabbits tend to be very polite and careful about things like paying bills on time — but that does not mean you’re not adventurous. You need surprises every so often to spice things up — and that includes bedroom shenanigans.

If you love someone, you put everything into the relationship. But the deeper you go, the more hurt you can get — and this sometimes makes you hesitate to reveal your deepest sexual desires, in case they don’t go over well.

Women born in the Rabbit year are thoughtful and tactful. You hate arguments and a lovers’ tiff can leave you feeling upset for days. You need reassurance — and lots of it — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Men born in the Rabbit year often have great, slightly old-fashioned manners—they’re the kind of guys who open doors and text you if they’re running late. Because they try to avoid conflict, they may seem to be a yes-man — but they actually have firm views on what is right and wrong, and they stay true to their views.

His Body Is Your Wonderland


Women-on-top positions can be great for Rabbit women because you can subtly control the speed, angle and intensity without saying a word.

It’s easier to keep a rhythm that’s working for you, and you (and him) also have easy access to your vulva and clitoris — which is good because most women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm. To take this position over-the-top, try moving your body forward and back, and left to right, and notice differences in sensations.

Alternatively, lean forward and prop yourself up on your arms almost like you are in a missionary position. This eases the strain—and sends a subtle hint to your partner that he can get moving as well.

Ice Cream Churn


It’s no secret guys can be really sensitive about the size of their penis. The good news is that this position makes every guy feel huge. Instead of in-and-out pumping (which is better for the guy than you) he uses his hip rotation to grind and twist inside of you, pressing his penis as hard as he can against your clitoris.

To increase the friction, try lifting your legs onto his shoulders, or prop your hips on a pillow to find an angle that works for both of you.

Chinese Horoscope Signs That Are Most Compatible With Rabbits

Dogs and Rabbits both relish a peaceful life and a well-ordered home. They’re the kind of couple you’d see tending their succulent plants together. Rabbits enjoy taking care of the people they love, and Pigs and Goats blossom under this attention — and pay it back with loyalty and gestures of love.

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Dragon men and women are hard workers, responsible and honest. They’re often very socially conscious and will throw their energies into helping other people.

Money comes fairly easily to Dragons, but ironically, they’re not that materialistic. Instead of possessions, they’re driven to explore and shape the world. They want respect far more than money. At times, they can be egocentric, but they genuinely do achieve so much that they have a right to be proud of themselves!

Adventurous and entrepreneurial, a Dragon’s life can revolve around work or a globally important cause — and their partners have to be willing to support this incredible drive. It can take a while for Dragons to settle down and marry because they have so much to do first! But when they do find someone special who “gets” them, they’re all in.

The Grinder


This is possibly the ideal woman-on-top position for Dragon girls. You get all the friction and grind of a Reverse Cowgirl position sans the leg cramps because you wrap your legs around one of his legs for support.

You can move freely or grind your clitoris on his leg, or both of you can thrust — and he gets an extra fine view of your butt in motion.

Press Back


This is a great position if he tends to cross the finish line before you’ve even warmed up. Lie on your back, with a pillow under your butt, and put your feet on his chest, so you can push back and slow him down when his panting gives you a clue he’s close to coming.

In this position, you can use your hands to stimulate your breasts or clitoris. If he wants to show off his gym-toned legs, you can also do this position with him standing and you lying on a table — your call.

Chinese Horoscope Signs That Are Compatible With Dragons

Romantic Roosters look up to the Dragon and provide genuine love and support during the trials of life. Monkeys and Dragons are both creative and innovative — although Dragons can find the Monkey’s playful side a little irritating at times.

If you go head-to head with a Dragon it will be an explosion, but Snakes and Rats cleverly use humour and persuasion to subtly get the Dragon to do what they want.

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Snakes would make good superheroes, because when things get chaotic, Snakes stay calm, make plans and follow them without relying on others’ input. Plus they often have a great sense of humour and can defuse even the most awkward situation with a clever joke!

Snakes are deep- thinkers, complex and patient. Their careful way of talking hides an observant mind. Snakes are sophisticated conversationalists, they know how to woo you with words, and they’re not very interested in gossip — they’d rather discuss the problems of the world.

Men and women born in the Snake year are mysterious, sophisticated—and they dress really well. No wonder they turn heads. But because Snakes take a very long time to trust, they can be jealous and petty if they feel they’re not getting enough attention from their lover. On the plus side, they’re genuinely romantic — if you love getting creative gifts and romantic texts, date a Snake.

Snakes work hard and set high standards for themselves and their friends. Their little secret is that although they act as if material things don’t matter, they actually love to be surrounded by wealth and pretty things. Their great fashion sense is the clue!

Touch Sensitive Scream


Snakes are persuasive and patient, which is why they’ll love this position, which is a slow, steady and very persuasive climb to orgasm. Ask your lover to move a well-lubricated finger in excruciatingly slow circles around your clitoris, then level up with more intense rubbing, with a curved finger inside.

Every so often, your partner slides a finger (or penis?) inside while you continue rubbing yourself. It’s a show for him and an amazing orgasm for you.

The O Gift


Snakes know just how to give the right gift… so here’s a gift for them. Warm massage oil in your hands and give them a body massage with benefits.

Take your time and experiment with different sensations all over their body — gentle light touches, deep strokes, tickling — and then put a pillow under their hips, so their pelvis tilts up. Use a vibrator or your fingers to finish them off.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Snake

The Monkey is quick and the Snake is slow… so their relationship balances out. Plus the Snake’s sense of humour delights that quick Monkey’s mind.

Snakes are fascinated by the Rooster’s smarts, good taste and kindness. Snakes and Oxen also get on well — the Snake adds warmth and romance to the relationship and they appreciate the trustworthy honesty of the Ox.

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Energetic Horses believe in chasing after their dreams — they’re the people with signs on their desk that say things like “Be Fearlessly Authentic” — and they sincerely mean it. Rather than wealth and fame, what motivates Horses is having happiness and freedom to do their own thing.

If you’re a Horse, your emotions also move fast—you feel all the feels you can possibly feel all at once. Plus, you have a short temper and can snap quickly — but once it’s over, you forget just as quickly. In fact, you’re surprised if others don’t move on at the same speed as you.

Men and women born in the Horse year crave independence. They may be easygoing, humorous and willing to help, but they’ll bolt if you keep texting them to ask where they are, what time they’ll be home, who they’re with.

People born in the year of the Horse tend to be confident and headstrong — sometimes to a fault. Even if they know their faults, they can find it hard to change. On the plus side, they are so self-motivated and energetic that they don’t need to crowdsource the world or Instagram every OOTD for encouragement — as long as they’re doing what they like, that’s enough.

Elevated Plank


The trick here is to prop yourself up on a pillow or bolster so you can relax on your stomach while he enters you from behind. It may take a little wiggling to get into the right spot, but he gets hands-free access and can really get some momentum going, which suits Horses just fine.

Leg On Shoulder


Lie on your back while your lover kneels over one of your legs. Raise your other leg up in the air, rest it on his shoulder, if you’d like.

This position makes you feel free, you’re free to use your hands to stimulate yourself, and you can move your leg out to the side or back to vary the sensations — the further back you bring your leg, the deeper the penetration.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Horse

Horses are attracted by Goat’s tenderness, while Goats admire the dynamic, decisive Horse. Brave Tigers are also genuinely impressed by the drive and determination of the Horse, while the Dog and the Horse are true partners, both in work and in life.

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Next time you want to Marie Kondo your home, find a Goat to help. On top of being generous with their time and money, they’re great organisers. And they’ll willingly help you, even if they had a million other things to do. Because of their understanding and helpful personalities, people born in the Year of the Goat have many friends.

People know you will listen and try to understand the other person’s point of view. This often makes you the peacemaker in arguments, but it can also make you a little introverted and unable to relax in social settings. And while no one has exactly the same personality in and out of bed, you also find it hard to let loose between the sheets.

This reservation is partly because Goats are admirably mature, but also because they don’t want to face unnecessary pressure. If they feel a discussion (or a sex session) is going nowhere, Goats can retreat into a stubborn silence, which makes communication difficult.

People born in the year of the Goat are close to their family and they genuinely care about other people. But deep in their hearts, they can be pessimistic. Because they are so thoughtful and mature, they see problems in a lot of detail — overwhelming detail, sometimes. This can make it impossible for them to see clearly enough to solve problems — they get paralysed with worry, endlessly fretting over details.

And despite their kindness towards others, Goats are hard on themselves and never feel satisfied. They may try use bouncy enthusiasm to hide their anxieties, but the truth is, Goats need lots of emotional support to thrive.



What? This old thing? Think of it this way: Missionary is a classic, and often underrated. It’s great for kissing and making eye contact, and leaves everyone’s hands free to explore breasts, chests, nipples and whatever else you fancy.

Because you’re facing each other, it encourages you to bond emotionally — your two bodies are fusing into one. The Missionary is simple, but it still gets the job done — and you don’t have to talk about anything (unless you want to).

If you want to add a little variation, toss your legs on his shoulders, wedge a pillow under your hips, or raise your knees so your guy can enter from a higher angle.

Sitting Sex


As intimate as spooning, sitting sex is cuddle-sex you can do almost anywhere, from the narrowest space to when he’s sitting in a chair.

It’s tricky to get much thrusting going on, but you can grind on each other to make the sex last longer. Plus, it makes you feel very close to each other — your arms and legs are tangled in a super-sexy hug, with benefits.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Goat

The Horse makes the Goat feel safe and their headstrong energy helps the Goat shake off paralysing inertia and actually solve problems.

Although gentle Rabbits are very different from Horses, their dependable nature and care sooth the Goat’s anxiety. Both naturally warm and empathic, Pigs and Goats understand each other’s need for emotional support.

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Monkeys are super-smart and clever that they find it easy to run rings around the rest of us! This can make them a little cocky — and self-centered — when they make decisions. Monkeys are competitive, which can be both good and bad in bed — they’re absolutely determined to be your best lover. And if you don’t let them know how great they are, they can become jealous.

If you’re a Monkey, you’re always willing to learn. You see everyone as a teacher and you’ll willingly listen to tips on how to improve your techniques at work — and in bed.

When it comes to sex, men and women born in the year of the Monkey year are enthusiastic and adaptable… and you know how to manipulate others to get what you want. Sometimes you do it with clever words or a joke.

And although you can be playful, you are very tolerant. Instead of fixating on your lover’s faults, you look past them and give them another chance. This allows you and your partner to be open to trying out new things in bed.

A Monkey’s interests are always changing. This can be a good thing in that a Monkey won’t keep nagging about that one thing that happened seven years ago, but it also means Monkey’s find it all too easy to move onto the next person if this relationship gets old or boring. So take a tip — mix it up, in bed and out of it.

Lift Off


Start in the Missionary position, and then as he leans back, you use your feet and hands to support yourself while lifting up your hips into the “Bridge Position” (like in Yoga class). Brace yourself so he can sit up on his knees, inside of you.

This position is a fun challenge, and he can use his hands to give you some clitoral stimulation. If holding the Bridge Position is too tough, try this move lying on the sofa or bed—just scoot your butt along until it hangs over the edge of the bed. Same benefits, no strain.

Clitoral Conversation


Direct clitoral stimulation is what gets most women off. And this move is perfect for smart-mouthed Monkeys. In this variation, you kneel over your lover’s face, and lean forward slightly onto your hands and arch your back.

Because you’re taking your weight on your knees and arms, no one has to worry about suffocation, and you get more focused stimulation. Plus it’s a slightly more comfortable pose for your knees. Now adjust your hips back and forth so his tongue and mouth can hit that perfect spot.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Monkey

The clever and thoughtful Snake is as smart as the Monkey, but more sophisticated and slower to act, so they either adore each other or clash like crazy!

Dragons and Monkeys admire each other’s strength, brains and magnetic personality while Rats are able to cheer Monkeys up when they’re feeling down. They both have curious minds, which can lead to fireworks in bed. Sex toys, new positions… for them, it’s Game On!

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Roosters are not shy to say what others are thinking. If they see unfairness or inefficiency, they’re brave enough to call it as it is, even if that means angry words. Roosters don’t exactly pick fights, but they don’t run from them either. The Rooster’s motto may as well be “Bring it on!”

Because they’re hard-working, logical and fair, Roosters make great team leaders. They enjoy being the boss, they plan well and they’ll willingly help their team identify and solve problems. They’ll also loyally defend their team to the end — even if it means engaging in a battle.

Put it this way: Roosters don’t exactly pick fights, but they don’t run from them either. The Rooster’s motto may as well be “Bring it on!”

All this takes a lot of energy, so Roosters do best when they have a cheerleading squad to encourage them. Their family and partner is their refuge—the place they de-stress and relax. If you’re a Rooster your emotions are close to the surface; when you watch a movie you feel a rollercoaster of emotions from joy to tears. In bed, this can be great as you’re really in the moment… but it can also be overwhelming at times.

Rooster are responsible and organised, which is great when you’re at work, but in bed, it can make you a little nit-picky when things don’t go perfectly. Out of bed, and in-bed, you’re confident, but not conceited. Deep down, you want to be appreciated for who you are, but not judged. When you feel that appreciation, that’s when you reveal your true potential for passion.

Sofa Brace


Sometimes you don’t want to stare into your lover’s eyes. Maybe you want to fantasise in your head, or feel free to make a ridiculous O face — no judgement here!

In this variation of plank style, you are bent over the arm of a sofa, so you can feel more relaxed, or push back into him, depending on what you prefer. Plus, your pelvis is raised slightly more in this position so the angle of penetration is subtly different — you get to play around with new sensations and decide what feels best.

All Access


This Access All Areas position can be readjusted endlessly depending on what you want to stimulate.
He can hold onto your hip for better balance (or deeper thrusting) and you can lift your outer leg up or lie down to try a different angle.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Roosters

The Rooster and Dragon cheer each other on, while Snakes give Roosters the intellectual challenge they love, and the encouragement they need to chase their dreams. Roosters also value the honest and reliable Ox — the pair may start out as just friends but admiration can grow into genuine passion.

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Straightforward, genuine and loyal — if you follow Chinese Horoscopes, there is so much to love about people born in the Year of the Dog.

It’s probably not news to you that Dogs are energetic and endlessly loyal. They will never abandon their friends, family or work and they do their best to help — this naturally makes them a popular friend.
Dogs are energetic and determined and they can geek out on facts. If you get something wrong, a Dog will correct you. It’s not that they want to show off. They just feel it’s necessary to help others realise their mistakes.

The downside of these high standards is that Dogs often secretly feel anxious or pessimistic — especially when other people are not genuine or straightforward.

If you are born in a Dog year, you truly value your relationships, security and stability. You’re not the type to get bored just because you’ve known someone for a few years already, and if you like a sex position, you keep on liking it — why fix it if it’s not broken, right?

This constant nature is why you don’t let someone into your heart easily — because when you do open up, you truly commit. You work to understand their opinions and compromise when necessary — in and out of bed.

You’re The Star


Having sex Doggy Style in front of a big mirror keeps all the things you love about this position, and adds a little more spice: you can keep your eyes closed to enjoy the intensity and speed of this sex position, or make eye contact in the mirror to increase the unspoken bond between you.

Head Rush


This is a sexy update on an oldie but goodie: girl on top. He lies on a bed or sofa, with his head hanging down over the edge. You straddle him — you might need to hold his thigh for balance.

It’s good for you because you get to be the boss, and you have one hand free to touch your clitoris for more stimulation. His head hanging over the edge will give him a literal head rush — and this can make his orgasm extra intense.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Most Compatible With Dogs

Dogs are attracted to the Rabbit’s kindness and loyalty. Dogs can be a little pessimistic so they get a boost from the Tiger’s brave reassurance, while the Tiger appreciates the Dog’s loyalty. Horses and Dogs = natural partners. Things seem to flow so easily between them because they understand and respect each other’s opinions.


Pigs might not immediately stand out in a crowd, but that’s because you believe that if you don’t have something important to say, it’s best to not say anything at all.

And while others may be all talk, no action, Pigs love perfecting new skills, in and out of bed. You are a world-class lover because you are so naturally sensual and willing to enjoy the pleasures your body can give.

People born in the year of the Pig know how to enjoy life. You love entertainment and treating yourself — you’re the first to try a hot new restaurant, you notice the details of luxe fashion, and you enjoy displaying your latest gorgeous buys at home or on your Instagram feed.

People born in the Pig year are optimistic and focused — once they decide on a goal, they go all out to make it reality (and that includes trying a new sex position).

Gentle and trusting, Pigs prefer to really get to know one special someone instead of talking to everyone at the dance floor.

Pigs are energetic and are always enthusiastic, even if a job (or sex position) is a little ho-hum. Given the chance, Pigs enjoy taking positions of power and status, but don’t need the ego boost of “being on top” — unless it works for you too! They’re sociable and get on well with almost everyone, but they’re not party animals. Gentle, trusting Pigs prefer to really get to know one special someone instead of tearing up the dance floor.

Women born in the Pig year are exciting, sociable and stylish. Because female Pigs are so warm and easygoing, they’re on everyone’s guest list.

The downside? They can be a little too clingy in love.

Starting a new relationship this year may be frustrating for you — sometimes it will feel more rewarding to be friends rather than lovers. If you’re a Pig who’s already in a relationship, prevent resentment growing by making a real effort to communicate your desires. Listen to each other and don’t be afraid to share your needs. Which leads us to…

Slip And Slide


This move is great for Pigs because it’s a total body experience, with plenty of sensual skin-to-skin contact all over. You climb on top of your lover and guide his penis into you. Be generous with the lube.

If you lean back a bit and grind (instead of thrusting your hips), you can keep your hands free to explore his body — or your own. You get to do your thing, and he gets a great view. And if you need more stability, lean forward so his hands can grab your butt and he can contribute to the thrusting.



Spooning is cuddly, comfortable and great for long sex sessions with a lot of sensual touching. He enters you from behind, and then both of you can control the pace and depth of thrusting.

He can kiss the back of your neck and because everyone’s hands are free, you can also stimulate your clitoris for more intense pleasure.

Chinese Horoscope Signs Compatible With Pigs

Brave Tigers make Pigs feel secure and protected. Rabbits are attracted by the Pig’s smarts and kindness, while warm-hearted and sociable Pigs and Goats have lots to talk about, in and out of bed.

This post was updated on January 4, 2022

Text: Tara Barker