couple kissing in bed with wife doing a handstand
Women love being able to bond and feel close to their husbands during sex. (Photo: Pexels)

“Foreplay is my favourite part of sex. I love how it gets me revved up for the final act. Before my husband and I make love, there’s always a lot of whispering, giggling, kissing and caressing.” – Paula, 42, teacher

“My husband and I don’t get to spend much time together during the day. Sex is really the only opportunity we have to bond, so that’s what I love most about it ― it is our chance to share our love for each other and to connect.” – Victoria, 33, civil servant.

His Excitement
“My favourite aspect of sex is seeing him get excited. I love being in control when we’re in bed. So seeing him get to that point always puts a smile on my face.” – Clara, 30, account manager.

When He Calls My Name
“I love it when my husband says my name during sex. It’s so romantic.” – Melinda, 35, personal trainer.

Makes Me Sleepy
“I love how sex makes me sleepy. It’s always so good with my husband that I can’t help but feel relaxed after. I fall right to sleep when it’s over.” – Melissa, 38, business director.

“Having an orgasm is definitely the best part of sex. It’s just the best feeling, helping to release all that tension and stress.” – Linda, 33, teacher.

Sense Of Closeness
“Sex with my man always brings me closer to him. There is no better feeling than to surrender yourself physically and emotionally to the one you love.” – Serene, 31, advertising account executive.

Never Boring
“I love it when we try new or different positions. That’s what makes sex so awesome ― you can switch it up to suit your mood and it never gets boring.” – Lisa, 38, journalist.

Be Myself
“Sex is the only chance I have to really let loose and be myself. I can use words I should not be saying, I can be absolutely wild and I know it’s totally okay.” – Doreen, 40, lawyer.

Boost My Mood
“What I love most about sex is how good I feel after. If my hubby and I do it in the morning, it energises me and puts me in an excellent mood for the rest of the day. If we do it at night, I feel relaxed and comfortable.” – Tricia, 41, social worker.

Text: Sasha Gonzales, Simply Her, January 2016 / Additional reporting: Sylvia Ong

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