Director Darren Aronofsky has a gift of digging deep into the human psyche to craft stories – from his deeply uncomfortable-to-watch Requeim For A Dream that deals with drug abuse to his metaphysical fairytale The Fountain and psychological drama Black Swan – they all hit you hard in the emotional department.

Mother!, starring the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence (who is currently dating Darren), looks set to be another one of his films which many will talk about long after the credits has rolled. In this psychological thriller, Jennifer plays a childless wife living with his poet husband in an old refurbished house; things take a turn for the worse when strangers start arriving in their home. The film, which also stars veteran actors Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris, attempts to explore many topics, including the tensed relationship of a childless couple and the sacrifices of motherhood, among others.

Watch the official theatrical trailer below:

Without giving too much away (be warned, things get really crazy later in the film), hear what Jennifer herself has to say about the role in the clip below. Mother! is definitely one of Jennifer’s most demanding and possibly craziest role, with a high chance of landing her a Best Actress in a Leading Role nomination in next year’s Oscars.

Mother!, rated NC16, opens in Singapore theatres this week.

Text: Sean Tan / Photos: Paramount Pictures

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