Jay Z and Beyonce at Barclays Center in NYC.
Shee Wai says that in fact most cheating husbands don’t want to lose their marriage. (Photo: TPG)

Hollywood singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles, 34, might know what it’s like to “close one eye” when it comes to a cheating husband. Suffering in silence is painful, which is probably why Beyoncé unleashed it all out in her “Lemonade” album which she flash-released over the weekend. “Tonight I regret the night I put that ring on,” she talk-sings in the “Sorry” song which is just one of the many confrontative, unglossy tracks on the album that led on to rumours that her husband Jay Z is having an affair with a fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Ho Shee Wai, director of The Counselling Place in Singapore, says, “Most women end up feeling worthless and powerless because they feel their husbands chose someone else over them – but in fact most husbands don’t want to lose their marriage. So if the speculation is true, what can Beyoncé do to repair her broken marriage?

Get To The Root Of The Problem
Beyoncé and Jay Z will have to talk about why they drifted apart, and examine what they both could have done differently. “Looking at this truth can be painful, but it can save a relationship. Finding the real source of the issue – why he did it – is way more important than just blaming him, or attempting to ‘forgive and forget’, says Daniel Koh, a psychologist at Insights Mind Centre.

Ask The Right Questions
She’ll be tempted to pry out all the details of the affair out of him… but shouldn’t. Beyoncé may find herself obsessing what he did exactly (with the other woman ) where, when and how. But these details won’t help fix her marriage. She needs to try to focus on the important questions: Does he love Rachel Roy? Is he still in contact with her (because the contact has to stop)? And above all, what are the couple willing to do to become close again?

Text: Madeline Lin, The Singapore Women’s Weekly, March 2014 / Additional reporting: Sylvia Ong

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