Share A Secret: I discovered my mum is an influencer on Instagram

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

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My mum has always been averse to technology. Only when she finds necessary, will she try and learn how to use computing software and mobile applications. However, in the last few months, her resistance to technology fell away, and she became someone secretive, deceitful, and no longer the quiet, unassuming mother that I knew her to be.

Since my father was diagnosed a couple of years ago with prostate cancer, my mum stopped work to take care of him. He has since passed on, and our family members and I encouraged her to retire and let us take care of her. To occupy her time, she helps me with the household chores, takes care of my two young daughters, Tania* and Tamryn*, and on occasion, meets up with her friends and ex-colleagues for tea.

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