Share A Secret: I pretend to be a healthy small eater but I secretly binge non-stop at home

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

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I love – and live – to eat. My biggest weakness? Snacks and desserts. Unfortunately, when I decided to cut back on snacking, I was determined not to go at this alone, and nagged my husband and daughter to eat healthy along with me. The truth was, I had “played cheat” on my diet and on them by going on secret “binge-dates” with my first loves: Chocolate, potato chips and cookies!

I have always been a little on the meaty side, but after my first pregnancy, when I became borderline diabetic and tipped the scales into the slightly obese, I decided to pass on eating food items that had simple sugars. And I am glad to say I managed to stick to this self-enforced diet for four years!

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