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“I’m pregnant with your child! How will you tell her?” I heard my sister crying and crying through the doorway from our living hall. “Do not worry, I will tell her as soon as I can. Because I want to be with you forever,” I heard my husband G* say, in a shaky voice.

On this fateful day I was in the kitchen. My vision soon became a blur as tears started rolling down my cheeks. I had to cover my mouth because I was scared they would hear me. How could they do this to me? What had happened?

I stood there, behind the refrigerator that blocked my body from their view, and I tried to make sense of their betrayal. How had I missed all the signs? I believed G when he encouraged me to take on more work assignments so we could save up quickly to have a child. I believed my sister when she complained that my husband was too strict with her. How stupid of me!

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G and I started seeing each other when we were in college. After graduation, we got married. He worked as a teacher in a secondary school; I love to travel, so I applied to become a cabin crew member. I enjoyed it, but because my working hours and schedule are irregular, G and I could not spend much time with each other. I felt so guilty about this that I seriously thought about tendering my resignation. I no longer wanted to pack and rush to the airport at the drop of a phone call – it was not fair to him.

But things changed when my parents unexpectedly passed on. My younger sister K*, who was about to begin her university studies, was devastated. So after the funeral, I decided to let her move into our marital flat. Initially, K resented G. They argued over most matters, from household chores to her curfew. She called him a nag; he insisted she follow our rules. But I was happy, because I felt this showed he cared about her welfare.

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And to support my sister, G and I postponed having our first child. She wanted to get a part-time job to pay for the tuition fees but I felt she should concentrate on her studies. So I decided not to resign and continued flying.

It was tiring, but I was pleased when G became more attentive towards me. He would call me to ask where I was going, when I was boarding and when I would reach home. He told me to accept more assignments so that we could save more money to look after K better and build our nest egg. He also had a taxi-driver friend to fetch me to and from the airport for my flights. I basked in his love and affection.

One day, I received a text from the company: My schedule had been changed. I did not have to fly that night. I was secretly thrilled. G and I had been apart often lately… so I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time together. My colleague gave me a lift so I did not have to take my regular taxi home. I knew I would reach home earlier than G – I would suprise him!

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This was how I heard the conversation that broke my heart. In a flash, I realised it did not matter to me how or why their affair happened. I just wanted to escape from their selfish mess.

So I decided: All the hard-earned money I had saved would not go to my sister’s education. Neither would it go towards having a baby with G. I would spend that money on a divorce lawyer instead. And I intend to move on after this ordeal.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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