Share A Secret: I was so ashamed of my body that I never wore swimsuits in public

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

little friends swimming in the pool
“Can we go for a swim lesson together, Mummy? You bring me okay?”

My five-year-old daughter, Felise*, would always ask this question every weekend. Sometimes, I would lie and say that I was too busy, tired or sick, and ask her to get our helper or Daddy to go with her. Other times, I would go but just sit by the pool and watch her paddle. Felise would always look disappointed, and complain that “Mummy cannot swim” or that “Mummy is scared of the water”.

But how could I tell my daughter the truth: That her mum isn’t willing to get into a swimming costume because “Mummy is afraid of her own body”?

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