Share A Secret: I Used My Daughter’s Body To Sell Clothes On My Blogshop

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

For the first four months, sales was terrible. But I dug my heels in – I was determined to make it work no matter the cost. Then in the sixth month, sales suddenly shot up. The salvation to my flagging business was Shi-Ann! I had posted a photo of her wearing my blogshop’s floral dress on my store’s Instagram and the dress got sold out within two days. It was the first time I had posted someone wearing a product and it worked. All I needed was a model!

Unfortunately, I was in the red and had little money to hire a professional model. What made matters more complicated: Judging from the comments on Instagram, people had assumed Shi-Ann was not just a model, but also the owner of the blogshop.

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