Share A Secret: I Used My Daughter’s Body To Sell Clothes On My Blogshop

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

How To Cope With A Manic Monday_SadGirl
Earlier this year, on the night of Shi-Ann’s 21st birthday, Sam spoke to me just before we slept. He revealed our only daughter’s wish: That after she has graduated from her business course, she wanted to officially get involved with my “fledgling fashion enterprise and turn it into a credible fashion empire”. Shi-Ann had wanted to repay her “mumpreneur role model” for sacrificing a successful career to find balance for her two loves: Fashion and her daughter.

I slept little that night, guilt-stricken with the idea that Shi-Ann must have known about what was going on – how could she have not? She may be averse to social media but she was not uninformed. Shi-Ann must have just not said anything because she wanted to ease my difficulties. And I had used
my daughter without thought and with little respect.

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