Share A Secret: I ruined my family’s Christmas with food poisoning because I am a cheapskate

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

Everything went well during my party: The honey-baked ribs and turkey tasted lip-smackingly good, and everyone loved the posh table setting. I felt so happy to receive so many compliments from my loved ones!

The very next day, the worst thing happened: My husband, youngest daughter, in-laws and several of my cousins and friends of the family came down with food poisoning. I even had to send my daughter to A&E that night as she was vomiting and running a high fever, while the rest of the family rested at home. What made me feel even worse was that I wasnโ€™t affected at all. I felt so guilty I offered to pay for everyoneโ€™s medical fees, and I became so upset that I could not host the New Year office party, and my colleagues had to settle for a restaurant dinner instead.