Share A Secret: I pretended I was forever 25 years old

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

4. The Fire Face - Asian Woman
Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” – I wished I could believe in what the late R&B singer Aaliyah sang as much as others did. Age did matter to me – every new year signalled more wrinkles to count and more beauty steps to take to ensure I came across as youthful to others. My age bothered me so much, I took desperate measures to make sure no one knew how old I truly was!

There is a reason to my deep-seated concern about my looks and age. Back when I was in my late teens, my features already resembled that of a lady in her late 20s – I had dark eye bags and circles, and strands of grey hair. It didn’t help that I was a chemistry geek who wore cheap-looking plastic spectacles and knew more about a lipstick’s ingredients than its application.