Share A Secret: I pretended I was forever 25 years old

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

For the last 15 years, I never told anyone my birthday or how old I was unless it was truly necessary. I would refuse to divulge my age by saying it was rude to ask a lady her age if anyone enquired. I would spend much time and effort photoshopping all my photos before posting them on social media, but also made sure to not leave any details that could give away my age online.

I persisted with the idea of being acknowledged as “Forever 25 years old”, a trick I adopted from the legendary Cantopop star Alan Tam. What’s worse, I cut off all contact with my former school friends! I had confidence that my age would be secreted away forever – my husband was terribly absent-minded, and my 14-year-old daughter, Sasha*, only had an inkling as I had always fudged the numbers with her throughout her childhood.