Share A Secret: I sold off my family’s personal things to fund my shopping

The Weekly's readers share their most well-kept and intimate secrets

At first they didn’t notice, or thought nothing much of it when they couldn’t find their things. And when they did ask about a missing item, I lied by telling them I did not see it or that they must have misplaced it. On some occasions, I even blamed our pet dog for chewing up the toys or clothes so I threw them away – Boo Boo got extra treats from me for the times he became the scapegoat.

Three months ago, karmic justice caught up with me. One Sunday, I came home from a shopping trip to see Jason all sweaty and frowning. When he saw me, he started apologising profusely for losing my grandma’s jade ring that she had given me before she passed on. I was furious, shouting and blaming him for not keeping it safe.