Are You A Helicopter Parent?

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Helicopter parents prevent their kids from learning from their mistakes.

You might have heard of helicopter parents. They aren’t content to hover but choose to forge a path through all the obstacles that stand in the way of their child’s success and happiness.

Education professionals are familiar with such parents. They bombard teachers with phone calls and emails hoping to help smoothen the way for their offspring at school or even university. Local schools like Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School have tried to put a stop to helicopter parenting, putting up signs asking parents to “turn around and leave” if they were there to deliver forgotten items to children.

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Although well-intentioned, helicopter parents prevent their kids from learning from their mistakes. By cushioning the bumps of life, experts say these mums and dads hinder the development of resilience and independence in their children.

Here’s how to raise kids without hovering unnecessarily over them.

Text: Bauer/Good Health/Additional Reporting: Candy Lim
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