10 Singapore Hotels With Infinity Pools Just As Beautiful As MBS… But Cheaper

10 Singapore Hotels With Infinity Pools Just As Beautiful As Marina Bay Sands... But Cheaper_Featured

There’s no doubting it. Marina Bay Sands’ iconic infinity pool is the absolute must-see attraction for just about any tourist visiting Singapore.

Frankly, we don’t blame them. The pool’s allure lies also in the amazing view it provides of the Singapore skyline and anyone who has dined at any of the restaurants near the pool can attest to its unbeatable views.

However, what’s also worth noting is that the pool tends to be filled to the brim with tourists and at least eight out of 10 times, they’re wielding selfie sticks — that could potentially be dangerous.

Instead, do the smart thing and book yourself a staycation at another more affordable hotel with a gorgeous infinity pool that doesn’t require you to compete with hoards of tourists. We’ve got you covered with 10 suggestions:

(As a point of comparison, a night’s stay at MBS costs between $459 and $529 per night for a Deluxe Twin Room. You pay “as little as” $459 per night if you don’t mind a lower floor. But whether it’s high or low floors, you get to visit the world-famous infinity pool all the same.)


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Text: Joanne Poh/Moneysmart