The Singapore Influencer Scandals That Rocked Your Social Media Feed This Year

With so many aspiring to be a social media influencer these days, the numbers here have burgeoned in recent years, with many flooding our social media space with their carefully curated posts, well-coiffed hair and impeccable style.

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Hold your brickbats though. Say what you will about this group of social media-savvy individuals, it’s undeniable that some of them have a celebrity-like status and yield quite a bit of influence, especially among younger audiences.

Of course, there’s no shortage of sagas when there’s that many of them. While most of these trendsetters are in the spotlight for the right reasons, some unfortunately end up gaining notoriety after landing themselves in undesirable situations. From scuffles among themselves to sexual harassment accusations and photoshop fails, there’s plenty to talk about. 

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Here are the top eight Singapore influencer scandals that rocked your social media feed in 2018: