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If you’ve ever been in Orchard Road on a weekend, or had to travel on a fully-booked long haul flight, you’d understand the challenges with scarcity of space.

Especially so in Singapore, where some 6 million people pack themselves in high-rise residential buildings and expats and PRs find themselves in houses smaller than they’re used to back home. Here’s how self-storage can help, particularly during major life transitions like a death in the family, a divorce or when moving house.

1. Death
The emotional ordeal of losing someone special is already a lot more than what anyone should have to handle. On top of the flood of grief, you’re faced with the challenge of packing up their personal possessions.

And it might not be what you want to do amidst your whirlpool of emotions. Scratch that, it will not be what you want to do. Packing up all the belongings of someone who has passed – even if it’s a book they never read or a piece of clothing they forgot they owned – is more than about sorting through them, and more about processing your loss.

What’s more important to sort through: your emotions and that of your grieving family. Leave this delicate task for down the line when you’re feeling more clear-headed. Keep their belongings safe in a self-storage unit before you’re ready to decide on what to discard or give away, and what to keep as a way of preserving these memories.

Lacking the space to keep precious personal possessions or family heirlooms? Self-storage, whether as small as a locker or as big as your master bedroom, provides long-term storage solutions to help you find peace while keeping your memories of loved ones lost alive.

2. Divorce
They say there are 3 rings of marriage: The engagement ring, the marriage ring, and suffering.

All jokes aside, divorce rates in Singapore are at an all-time high – in 2015, there were 7,522 divorces and annulments, the third highest annual figure on record, and it’s not slowing down either.

And when couples split, they often need space to store their belongings while figuring out alternative living plans; worse, there’s also the uncomfortable part of figuring out who’s going to get what. Multiply the ordeal by the number of things you’ve got in your entire shared inventory. Ugh, maybe bearing with your partner’s serial snoring might be a better idea.

Whatever the case, it’s convenient to have a self-storage unit during a divorce to store your belongings, or protect the items with ambiguous ownership (gentle reminder that kids should not be kept in self-storage) while the dust settles.

And the wine collection that’s unambiguously yours? EBC self storage also offers special wine storage units.

Post-divorce also typically involves downsizing to a smaller home that fits one rather than two. When you can’t store all the things you have in your new place, a self-storage unit can also come in handy.

3. Relocation
The need for storage may arise amidst positive life events, too.

Relocating for the better? That’s exciting, but the logistics are certainly no fun. What if you have to move out of your old home before the new one is ready? What if your new furniture is arriving, but your new place isn’t ready to receive it? Also, even you self-confessed serial hoarders have no idea how much you hoard until you have to pack everything up. Spoiler alert: a LOT more than you think.

And, consider the transitory nature of expat life in Singapore – you might be relocating somewhere for only the short-term before returning here, or renting a place rather than owning one might mean moving more often than you’d like – having a self-storage unit to fall back on certainly takes the stress out of moving.

Pro tip: Store all the furniture at the back of the unit, and your boxes at the front. You probably won’t need to move the furniture out until your new home is ready, whereas you might find yourself needing something in one of the boxes sooner.

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