Supermum Tjin Lee’s Parenting Trick To Help Her Dyslexic Son Will Make You Smile

Entrepreneur Tjin Lee regularly posts photos of her precious kids Tyler Lim, six, and Jake, three, on her Instagram account.

Her 36,000 followers are familiar with their enviable jet-setting adventure and the amazing themed birthday parties that she put together for them.

Tjin is also an advocate for raising kids with good character over good grades. Last September, she spearheaded the Life Beyond Grades movement, which hopes to shift parents’ mindset away from grades in Singapore’s academic pressure cooker.

It turned out that the inspiration for Life Beyond Grades was actually sparked by Tyler’s learning struggles, Tjin shared in a recent interview with The Straits Times (ST).

Her first child was diagnosed in February this year with dyslexia.

Tjin noticed her son’s learning struggles last year, when he started to dislike going to kindergarten.

He told his mum: “I’m the slowest kid in class and everyone says I’m stupid.”

She knew that it is normal for some preschoolers to mix up letters like “p” and “q”. But earlier this year, when Tyler was writing a birthday card for a friend, she noticed that he had written virtually every letter the wrong way.

Tjin is equipping her son with ways to defend himself against critics and bullies.

“He has to be able to say to them, ‘I’m not stupid, I just see things differently from you,’” said Tjin, who is also the founder of the Mercury group of companies, which does marketing and events.

She says: “At first, I was distressed for my son and what he would have to go through, but after the initial worry had passed, I realised that dyslexia could be a gift.

“Some of the world’s great leaders have dyslexia – Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, artist Pablo Picasso and founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew.”

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