Song Joong Ki in a still from Descendants of hte sun.
The actor gained respect by refusing any special treatments that were usually awarded to celebrities.

He Was Sergeant Song Joong Ki
The Korean star was enlisted at the 102nd draft camp in Chuncheon, in South Korea’s Gangwon Province, and served in the Infantry’s Reconnaissance Corps. He joined the army in August 2013 and was discharged in May 2015.

He Picked Up An Odd Habit
“I’ve unconsciously got my hands folded behind my back, that’s definitely a change,” he shares about the only resemblance between him and the fictional Captain Yoo.

He Was Kiasu
Joong Ki refused any special treatment that were usually given to celebrities, and underwent intensive training like the rest of his peers. His biggest motivation to train harder was his unwillingness to lose: “I was surrounded with younger guys, and I hated to lose out to them in terms of physical strength. So that made me work harder,” he shares.

He Was A Diplomat
His superiors was so impressed by Joong Ki’s can-do attitude, they asked him to host a special promotional event in China on behalf of South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense.

Photos: Viu

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