Chicken Ramen

Long gone are the days when you have to travel to Japan to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. These days, whether it’s fresh sashimi you crave or a bowl of Hakata ramen, you can get them easily here. Ramen, especially, has held its growing popularity with Singaporeans, and we still see more and more ramen restaurants springing up. But what is exciting and different about the ramen at newly-opened Menya Takeichi?

Touted as Tokyo’s Number 1 Chicken Ramen Chain, Menya Takeichi certainly lives up to its reputation. Their Chicken Paitan Ramen (from $16.50), the signature here, is served with tender chicken meat – slices of chicken thigh and handmade chicken balls. This makes for a refreshing change from the usual sliced pork cha siu served with most tonkotsu ramen. The meat balls are especially soft and moist, and the chicken slices are done thinly so they are tender to the bite.

The highlight of any ramen dish is the broth, and the richness of the broth here does not disappoint. Another plus of the slurp-worthy broth is that it’s brimming with collagen goodness, thanks to it being simmered with a fresh chicken and chicken feet for hours. For those who prefer a thinner soupy consistency, a pot of stock is provided at every table so you can add to your bowl to adjust the preferred richness.

Chicken Tempura Rice n Chicken Ball Rice
Rice dishes like the Chicken Tempura Rice (left, $8) and Chicken Ball Rice ($7) are also available as a la carte or an add-on to your ramen order. (Photo: Menya Takeichi)

Taking inspiration from sundubu (Korean stew made with vegetables, tofu, meat, seafood and mushrooms), this new restaurant’s specialty is comforting and flavourful stews served in a Japanese and Korean fusion style.

Low in carbohydrates and brimming with collagen goodness, Tokyo Sundubu‘s stews (from $15) boast a robust flavour. Silky-soft tofu leads the list of premium ingredients used, all imported from Japan. Generous portions of meat and seafood are packed into each bowl, with Tategi, a red pepper condiment, giving the stew a kick which will excite spice lovers.

Chicken Sundubu
On a cold, rainy day, this bowl of sundubu hits the right spot. (Photo: Tokyo Sundubu)

Four levels of spiciness are offered; choose the lower Level 1 or 2 if you’d like to experience the freshness of the ingredients used, as the higher spice levels tend to overwhelm the flavours somewhat. An interesting feature of the restaurant (and certainly a useful one for weight watchers) is that the calories of each dish are stated on the menu, so diners can calculate their intake. Very helpful if you are on a diet or just wanting to plan a healthier meal.

Short Pasta Melazane
Short Pasta Melanzane ($19) is one of the most popular pasta dishes at Nigiro Café. (Photo: Nigiro Café)

While you are there and if your appetite is calling for more, be sure to check out the other restaurants at Eat At Seven which has a plethora of Japanese fare to satiate even the most demanding foodie. Fans of wagyu beef will delight in the offerings at Nikunohi, while sashimi and tuna lovers will no doubt find their favourite dishes on the menu at Maguro Donya. The casual Italian-Japanese eatery Nigiro Café serves some lovely pasta dishes and also fancy sweets and drinks.

Eat At Seven is located at: Level 3, Suntec City North Wing, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard.

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