The Good: Cara Delevingne

After a seemingly losing streak of bad roles in Suicide Squad, Paper Towns and Peter Pan, Cara Delevingne (and her eyebrows) finally had the chance to shine. In fact, we think the move should be renamed “Lauraline and the City of a Thousand Planets” because she is that awesome. 

The Bad: Dane DeHaan

As the movie’s protagonist, Dane DeHaan’s performance was disappointing and unconvincing. His role as the smarmy, confident Major fell short, and everything just crumbles to pieces whenever he speaks. 

The Good: Aliens!

Most of the aliens in The Fifth Element were actually costumes or clever puppetry, but technology has since advanced to allow Besson to dream up of alien forms previously unachievable with practical effects. We love the Pearls of Planet Mül had iridescent skin which sparkle or dull according to their emotions. 

The Bad: Dialogue

We don’t know if it’s because English isn’t Luc Besson’s mother tongue, but most of the dialogue which happens in the movie seemed painful and forced – with unnecessary exposition which could’ve been easily picked up by the audience. The dialogue between Lauraline and Valerian are especially cringe-worthy, highlighting an on-screen chemistry that just isn’t going to happen. 

The Good: Wardrobe

While The Fifth Element has Jean Paul Gaultier designing costumes for the movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets had an equally outstanding wardrobe. We especially love the military uniforms and the armor of Lauraline and Valerian. 

The Bad: Rihanna

We love RiRi, but her character Bubble was poorly written, with zilch character development and equally cringe-worthy dialogue. Her 3-minute (plus minus, since we didn’t really time it) performance which introduced her character was pretty cool, but we credit the animation and digital artists for that.  

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets opens 20th July at theatres islandwide. 

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