1. Set Up A Secondary Account piggy-bank-968302_1280 - resized

Set up a secondary bank account and keep the ATM card far from reach. In a year’s time, check back to see how much you’ve saved!

2. Get Automated Savings 

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Set up a GIRO service where a portion of your pays get transferred to your savings account. Schedule to have it transferred a few days after pay day so that your money gets saved immediately.

3. Get A Passive Income

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Where possible, try to get a passive income that can help you save better. Got a spare room in your apartment? Rent it out or turn it into a lovely space and be a host on Airbnb.

Have beautiful lamps or interesting vases that would be perfect for someone’s wedding? Rent it out on Carousell.

4. Get A Side Job if Your Must

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If you’ve got the luxury of owning a car, why not use it for a side job too? Apply to be an Uber driver if it doesn’t conflict with your work schedule and agreement.

5. Keep Your Change In A Jar 

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Every day, put all the coins you’ve accumulated for the day into a jar. Watch the jar fill up and calculate the money at the end of the year.