The Subtle Clue That Suggests Meghan Markle Could Be Pregnant

WE CALLED IT FOLKS! We speculated that the way Duchess Meghan has worn her hair at recent royal engagements means she’s actually pregnant and it turns out we were right.

For her last few public appearances, Meghan has worn her hair down and straight, a departure from her usual flowing waves and low bun.

While the new style looks stunning on the 37-year-old, it’s come at a time where rumours are rife around whether she’s pregnant, and this only fuels them.

The reasoning? Kate Middleton has previously changed her hairstyle right before she’s announced her pregnancies, with thoughts that the change in style on top will draw attention away from the rest of her body, and more specifically her growing tum.

Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered the evidence below that when it comes to the British Royals, the proof is often in their hair:

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