7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris

Whether you’ve been to Paris before or not, you probably know of the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral that sits in the city centre. Tragically, a colossal fire swept through the medieval building on Monday (April 15), burning rapidly through the roof of the centuries-old Gothic landmark and causing a spire to collapse.


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The blaze began in the early evening and raged on for hours, as stunned Parisians and tourists watched on in horror. French President Emmanuel Macron, with tears in his eyes, vowed on Monday evening that the country will draw on “the best talent” to rebuild what the fire had destroyed. He described the Notre Dame as “the epicentre of our life” and the cathedral of “all the French”.


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Here are seven things to know about this Unesco World Heritage site in the heart of Paris:

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