16 Beautiful Travel Destinations To Suit Every Personality Type

Planning your next vacation but not sure where to go? Why not let your personality decide for you — your Myers-Briggs personality, to be exact. Also known as the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), this famed 10-minute personality test is known for being “scarily accurate”. (If you haven’t taken it yet, here’s where you can find out which of the 16 personality types you are.)

Basically, the MBTI consists of four sets of letters: E/I, S /N, T /F and J/P.

E and I = Extraversion and Introversion, which indicate whether you derive energy from being around people or spending time alone respectively.

S and N = Sensing and Intuition, which indicate whether you are more aware of concrete facts and details or prefer to rely on your intuition and look at the big picture.

T and F = Thinking and Feeling, which indicate whether you make decisions based on logical analysis or your values and the sake of harmony among the people involved.

J and P = Judging and Perceiving, which indicate whether you prefer your life to be well planned out or to keep your options open and go with the flow.


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Whether you’re an independent critical thinker like an INTJ or a fun-loving thrill-seeker like an ESFP, understanding your personality type can help you gravitate towards the things that fulfill you and thus live your most meaningful life while being true to yourself.

That applies to the places you travel and your travelling style too. Your Myers-Briggs personality type can shed light on which locale would be a perfect fit for you. Find out below which places to add to your travel list, based on your personality type:

Text: Joyce Chua / Photos: Shutterstock