6 Tricks That Will Take Your Food Photos To The Next Level

Photo: Unsplash

Imagine the perfect brunch laid out in front of you – maple syrup trickling over soft pancakes, thinly sliced, fresh avocado spread across crunchy toast, and a side of creamy scrambled eggs. Of course, there’s a steaming cup of hot coffee with latte art swirled expertly to go along. It’s truly a sight to behold, so wouldn’t it be almost sinful not to share it with your friends on Instagram to drool over?

You whip out your phone and attempt to get the perfect flat lay, but minutes pass and your beautiful brunch threatens to go cold. We’ve all been there, trust us!

Thankfully, food blogger Eleanor Tay (@geekyelephant) shares some of her top tips on how we can all be pro food photographers with just our phones.


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Tips by Eleanor Tay, Additional reporting: Elizabeth Liew