How You Use Facebook Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

A new study reveals your Facebook friends are divided into four different characters – which one are you?

With 1.28 billion users daily, it’s clear we simply can’t stop refreshing our feeds – be it to catch up on the news, see the latest memes or roll our eyes at the constant stream of photos of our friend’s toddler eating dinner! Sleeping! Walking! So cute and unique!

But why do we invest so much time (35 minutes a day, on average) into the social media site? Well, a research team from Bringham Young University set out to discover just that.

They came up with 48 statements that identified potential reasons for people to use Facebook. Participants were then asked to rank the statements according to how much they related to each one.

From this, they found that we can all be divided into four very distinct groups:

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